The Ptarmigan Lift is being replaced at [R368R, Lake Louise Resort] in Alberta this fall. A new Leitner Poma Fixed-grip quad will replace the old Ptarmigan Quad skiers use to hop from below Temple Lodge back to the front side of the mountain. The lift also accesses double-black diamond tree runs on the south-facing slope. The new top-drive lift delivers one big advantage-a reduction in power consumption.

Replacing the lift in prime grizzly bear habitat of Banff National Park requires special work by Lake Louise Resort. Work will adhere to strict environmental guidelines, which not only includes soil salvaging during construction, but the majority of work will be completed by hand. The crew will receive educational training for working in grizzly bear country, and bears will be monitored during construction.

Lake Louise has also beefed up its snowmaking arsenal, allowing for more snowmaking early season.