Welcome to the 21st century. [R325R, Powder Mountain] in Eden, Utah, has finally renovated the restaurants in all three lodges to improve guest flow and serve up more grub. That means a bigger kitchen and more cafeteria space. The managers hope that you’ll ski through the day now, instead of hoofing it back to your on-mountain lodge for eats or ending the day early to go get food.

Speaking of beef, Powder also has beefed up the amount of terrain accessible from their ever-popular snowcat tours to 2,000-plus acres; double what it was last season. The resort has added a new Mountain Adventure Center located near the Timberline Lodge to house all of Powder Mountain’s adventure programs including the Snowcat Powder Safaris, to accommodate the potential onslaught of desperate powder hounds. Sign up for the all-day guided tour if you’re unsure about this type of inbounds/out-of-bounds skiing.

Finally, Powder makes perfect with a rollback to 2002 in night skiing rates. As one of only a few resorts in Utah to offer skiing under lights, the rates will be $15 for adults and $12 for a child (7–12). Night operations also will start at 3 p.m.one hour earlier than previous years, at 3:00pm, so guests can enjoy a few hours of daylight turns. Visit Powder Mountain's Lift Rates page for more information.