Winter sports enthusiasts driving to the French Alps this winter should be aware of new French traffic laws or risk a hefty fine.

It is now made compulsory for any person driving a vehicle with four wheels or more in France to have a reflective jacket on board.

The reflective jacket must be easily accessible by the driver in case of an emergency before leaving the car, day or night. The aim is to improve the visibility and safety of road users. Those caught without a jacket after Oct. 1, 2008 will be liable to a €135 fine.

It is estimated that nine million people will drive across the English Channel this year, many of whom will be unaware of the new French traffic legislation.

For a group of three of four skiers or snowboarders heading to the French Alps, driving is not only the more environmentally friendly option, but in many cases is the money-saving alternative to flying.

Neil Greig Director of the IAM Motoring Trust told the Totally Motor Web site that people are actually three times more likely to be involved in an accident when abroad.

Don't risk spoiling your ski holiday this year. Check out this new legislation on the French Tourist Board Web site.