Holiday Valley preps for its big Winter Carnival March 11 with a fun event on Sunday. It's the Fun Race for Hidden Valley's Hot Shots & Hurricanes. Meanwhile, Mountain Creek has enough going on to fill this weekend, let alone worry about the next one. On Sunday, it's the K2 Women's "Pretty In Pink" Rail Jam - yeah, you read that right. Women-only. The Jam plays hosts to skiers as well as snowboarders and the plan is to keep things on the down-low while competing hard. K2 is also sending over a team of female riders and skiers hanging with the K2 alliance team, built to help support women in the downhill sport. Cool. As a warmup, Mountain Creek on Saturday unloads its Girls Learn to Ride snowboard program. Creek pros will give hands-on training in the sport in this event designed to give females the basic skills and confidence necessary to participate in snowboarding.