Goggles have morphed from utilitarian eye protectors into the fashion statement du jour. Black frame with blue strap? No way. 

Many goggle manufacturers are giving their sponsored athletes “pro model” goggles, and the skiers and snowboarders are producing frame and strap designs to suit any style, from artsy to hard rocker.  

We’ll do a full goggle review later this fall, but here’s a sampling of pro model options to get you on the road to ocular bliss. 

Scott Tom Wallisch Pro Model


Price: $120

Description: These Fix goggles include a signature series case, complete with a goggle bag and bandana to bring out the gangsta in you. To prevent condensation, the lightweight spherical OptiView lenses have undergone a permanent No Fog treatment and the goggles use an air control system. The premium multi-layer face foam helps to keep your face dry while wicking away moisture for those all out sessions. 


Oakley Shaun White Signature Series  


Price: $240

Description: This signature Splice goggle celebrates Shaun White’s signature style, with a unique striped pattern that is carried throughout his entire goggle collection. The technology behind the Splice goggle is worthy of the Olympic athletes that wear it. Oakley has engineered the Splice with an internal skeletal support system that equalizes pressure to maximize airflow without crushing your nose. The lens has a semi-flush mount to increase downward visibility, and the strap outriggers stay out of the way to keep your peripheral view open and wide when it matters most. Built for medium to large faces, Splice comes with proven Oakley comfort and clarity.


Anon Hannah Teeter Pro Model



Price: $110

Description: Pro models aren’t just for the men. Olympic gold medalist, philanthropist and generally amazing snowboarder Hannah Teeter offers an Anon Figment goggle for women. It features a lens made from thermoplastic polyurethane that has a natural resistance to abrasion but maintains consistent flexibility in changing temperatures. The Figment features dual layer, hypo-allergenic face foam that utilizes a moisture wicking fleece to provide a perfect goggle-to-face seal, keeping out the elements while providing comfort for all day riding. 


Oakley Seth Morrison Series


Price: $200

Description: No one brings the punk rock attitude to skiing like Seth Morrison, and his signature goggle has what Oakely calls “Mountain Reaper art.” 

The Oakley Crowbar goggle maintains a balanced fit, thanks to strap outriggers that distribute pressure evenly. Triple-layer fleece foam cushions the contact zone and wicks moisture. The flexible O Matter chassis is matched with a durable, optically pure lens for impact protection that meets all ANSI Z87.1 standards while filtering out all UV.


Electrick EG2 Iikka Backstrom


Price: $112

Description: Electric’s pro snowboard team is deep with talent, and Finnish phenom Iikka Backstrom is among the best on the crew. This goggle isn’t all style without substance, though. Lenses feature an anti-fog, anti-scratch coating, anti-reflective technology and 100% UV.