It's been a week of major ski and snowboard events in Australia with a three day stretch of competions: the Oakley Stylewars snowboarding event at Falls Creek, the forty two kilometre Kangaroo Hoppet also at Falls Creek, and The Boost Mobile Sno Sho at Perisher Blue.

All the stars are Down Under this week and not just for the upcoming Burton Open at Perisher Blue.  Most have spent the past week on the slopes of the Victorian resorts of Mt Buller and Falls Creek with a series of international standard events on offer.

The Oakley Stylewars at Falls Creek saw Torstein Horgmo from Norway battle it out with Canadians Charles Reid and Matts Kulisek for podium honours over the thre day event. Torstein won best trick with a switch backside 1260 Melon while Charles Reid took out the $7000 first place prize money for his consistent style and technique throughout all the events. American Chas Guldemond came in fifth place, putting him in first place on the Swatch TTR World Tour so far.

A day later Australian Ben Sim won the men's forty two kilometre crossy country Kangaroo Hoppet mararthon also at Falls Creek with Czech Viktor Novotny coming second.  Evelyn Dong from the USA won the women's category when over 1100 competitors from twenty five countries competed in the forty two kilometre, twenty on kilometre and seven kilometre categories.

Chas Guldemond made the trek north to Perisher Blue hot off the heels of his Stylewars event to take out th Boost Moblie Sno Sho TTR 3 event.  This 'gameshow' style event complete with spinning wheel for random trick choices included a 'longest rail' slide, Big Air and Jam Rail.  Chas landed five consecutive tricks from the wheel in the six man final, passing the first place qualifier Chris Sorman from Sweden.   All eyes are again on Perisher Blue this week as the Burton Australian Open Snowboarding championships take place with Kevin Pearce, Chas Guldemond, Mikkel Bang, Charles Reid and Markus Malin take to the pipe alongside Hannah Teter and world champion Jamie Anderson.