The villages start high in the Alps, at 1100 meters, and the top of the glacier is above 3000 meters. Skiing is snow-sure with 70 percent of the runs above the 2000 meter mark. The slopes are wide and mostly above tree line. This gives the feeling of being in a large "white arena" where the slopes go on, seemingly, forever. Laax is popular with serious skiers and snowboarders. There are wonderful snowboard parks and may bowls and pistes designated as "Free-ride" runs that are ungroomed. Not to be missed is the black run under the Laax-Crap Sogn Gion tram that drops over 1100 meters. You might want to stop at the Gustis Jagdhutte snow bar along the way for a breather. The mountain run at the top of La Siala, 2810 meters, runs down to Flims Dorf of 1100 meters. This is a difference of 1710 meters of elevation (5500 feet). The mountain area is full of good restaurants, ranging from a simple wurst barbeque at Crap Sogn Gion to a gourmet candlelit restaurant called Larnags at the Laax gondola midway station. A popular favorite is "Apenrose" at Startgels. Book ahead.