Got four friends that like to ski or ride? If you do, and two of them never have had a season pass at Mad River Mountain, the five of you are eligible for the Mountain's Strive For Five Pass.

The pass is $269 per person until Oct. 6, but the total transaction must take place at one time. One person could pay for all five season passes and later be reimbursed by his friends. Just be sure they are "good" friends.

Additional people, after the initial five, also may be added for the same price, but, again, it must be one transaction. This is a good deal. Regular season passes are now $334 individually.

Mad River had the longest ski and boarding season in the lower Midwest last season. They stayed open through Easter. It was a good four-month season for them, which rivals many of the larger resorts farther north. Few remained open much beyond that time.