Solitude Mountain Resort finally has added more high-speed lifts to their hill. Resort officials have announced $7 million in lift upgrades for the 2008-09 winter season.

Apex Express will replace the existing Apex double lift from the base of Solitude Village and provide access to the heart of the mountain. The Moonbeam Express will create a faster beginner ride, eliminating all of the stops that happened when newbies tried to hop on the fixed grip ride.

The new Village and Moonbeam Express will provide guests just learning the sport a less terrifying loading and unloading experience, hopefully encouraging them to keep skiing and riding.

Solitude's goal with terrain and lift improvements, now and into the future, is to create pockets of terrain that are specific to ability levels. Solitude is an ideal place for beginners to experts thanks to the grooming, the steep tree lines, and the Honeycomb Canyon area.