The effects of breast cancer can be spiritually and emotionally crippling. Image Reborn is a non-profit organization that hosts healing retreats in the mountains of Park City. Those suffering from or surviving breast cancer are invited to apply for a special program designed and facilitated by a highly professional staff with backgrounds and experience in addressing the special concerns of women with the disease. The mission of Image Reborn since 1999 is to provide a healing environment in which women with breast cancer are encouraged to reclaim their sense of personal power to strengthen them in their journey toward healing on all levels and living fully. Hair loss, extreme fatigue, memory loss, prosthesis, premature menopause, diminished weight and strength are just a few examples of the physical effects they face. Most women emerge from this retreat with a new view of life and face the challenge of adjusting to new relationships with family and friends. The retreats, founded by Utah Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Dr. Renato Saltz, are held year-round and are 100 percent free of charge to participants. Image Reborn provides a safe and peaceful environment where women with breast cancer can come together and, through sharing common experiences, learn that they are not alone in their paths to recovery. Go to for more information.