Jiminy Peak scored 17 inches of fresh powder in the St. Patty's Day weekend dump, and the green they're lookin' at is the cold, hard cash stuff. And you? Save some green by buying a Jiminy season pass for the 2007/08 season. With it, you ride for the rest of this season for free. Want more? OK, how about Jiminy's fun-for-the-whole-fam Spring Fling on Saturday. Be there. Eighteen inches of fresh powder is definitely being skied upon over at Ski Butternut this week. Will you be partaking? Head over to the Butternut Squash Jam II, a rail jam on the calendar for Saturday. The jam is open to all ages and all riders. Meanwhile, Berkshire East got up to 22 inches of fresh powder that's staying awesome deep into this week and will be sticking around for the warmer weekend, yes? They've got riding on their mind until the close date, April 1. Hey, that's soon!