Boyne USA Resorts is spending $4 million at Sugarloaf/USA to increase snowmaking, rehab the 20-year-old fractional-ownership hotel, rehab the Outdoor Center owned by the Town of Carrabasset and leased by the resort, create a public transportation system between the ski area and surrounding communities, and on several other improvements to the resort. "Boyne has been a pioneer in development of fan gun technology," Sugarloaf Communication Director Bill Swain said, "and is putting in 30 fan guns that use less compressed air and that work really well in the marginal temperatures of early season." The Loaf is also adding 70 low-energy HKD tower guns to the 105 already in use, Swain said. The new guns will be installed along Sluice, 50 on poles, and 20 on sleds, all ready to go for the start of the ski season. "We can have good skiing early in the season without tons of natural snow," Swain said. "All we need is cold weather." Sugarloaf is owned and operated by Boyne USA Resorts.