Alta skiers got a quick tease Jan. 23, but had to wait until now to get more time in Alta's famous couloirs. With a 10,750 foot elevation, the north facing shots have little wind exposure and present some of the finest skiing, days and weeks after storms have long gone. The Alta chutes open, on average, just one day in 10 because of avalanche danger and with the new storm predicted for this weekend (Feb. 22), the chutes may close for a bit. Once it settles, however, there's enough coverage (unlike last season) to get them back open, pronto. The relatively short hike from the Sugarloaf Lift (20-45 minutes depending on your shape) is usually well-tracked but don't be fooled into thinking that because of the long string of hikers headed to the top that there's a way down for any ability. Expert skiers only.