It's also quite possibly unlike anything ever seen, featuring four tower structures, a scaffold in-ramp, a concrete-topped jam ledge, the world's longest rail, rock concert lighting, pyrotechnics, and -- most importantly -- some of the best snowboarders from across the globe. There's even the possibility of world record-breaking feats: one event has riders attempting to outslide each other down a 262-foot (80m) long rail. The current recordholder is Jindabyne, AUS local Shay Paxton with a slide of 120.17 feet (36.63m) in 2005. The final format will be decided by luck, which is where the gameshow aspect comes in. A wheel marked with tricks will decide which five feats contestants must perform to successfully pass the challenge. The event purse is worth AU$36,000 in cash and prizes. ========== Elsewhere... Northern Hemisphere glacier skiing is drawing towards conclusion with Moelltaler, Austria closing for trail work, and Timberline Lodge, Oregon closing soon for lift maintenance, both ahead of winter season preparation. In the Southern Hemisphere, inclement weather has hampered some operations of late, but are generally stabilized. Argentinian and Chilean resorts are experiencing cloudy, heavy conditions, while Oz and NZ slopes are tending to be springlike. For the latest ski news and snow conditions, be sure to bookmark and revisit!