Tyrol Basin and Trollhaugen in Wisconsin, Ski Brule in the UP, and Wild Mountain in Minnesota have all opened for the season with limited runs. Lutsen is planning on opening this Saturday with a couple of runs and plan on having two or three open on Moose Mountain for Thanksgiving. Other ski areas in lower Minnesota have been making snow as permitted and still hope to open for the Thanksgiving holidays. Beyond that it doesn't look too hopeful, especially across the lower Midwest where routinely they don't open until December. Ski resorts in Michigan's northern Lower Peninsula are just waiting for temperatures conducive to snowmaking. "We've made snow, but not enough to be close to opening yet," said mountain manager Michael Call at Crystal Mountain. "It doesn't look good for Thanksgiving given the long range forecast, but in northern Michigan you learn 'never to say never.' Conditions can change overnight. All we need are three good days of snowmaking, and we can open significant terrain." In the UP at Marquette Mountain GM Vern Barber said, "I'd give it about a 20-percent chance to open over Thanksgiving with the forecast. It just doesn't look very favorable." Barber was at Ski Brule last Saturday for a meeting and watched them make snow all day. "They are in a cold pocket down there along the Wisconsin border. While they were making snow all day it was raining in Marquette." Location, location.