After a rocky pre-Christmas period when the area had to lay off most of its work force, they were able to get just a practice slope open for Christmas week. Then just prior to New Year's an unexpected dump let them open most of the mountain on New Year's Eve day and skiers flocked in to take advantage of fresh powder. This all washed away with the next day's rain but they've had almost two feet of snow in the last eight days, including a one foot dump last Friday and Saturday, allowing the main mountain to be 100% open. Friedman says that all things considered "the skiing is remarkably good." Key to their success, he says, is the ardent loyalty that both skiers and employees exhibit. They love the area. Employees know what they're getting into and they're available to return to work when the snow arrives. Shareholders and season pass holders have called in to ask what they can do to help. The local community has pitched in to help, even offering free ad space in the local paper. And with snow forecast for later this week and the weekend, "and all two of our snow guns cranking," Friedman is optimistic that the season is turning around. "When the snow is here our skiers show up in force," he said.