The time is near when skis will go into storage until next winter.

"Dry them thoroughly, wax them well, store them off the ground," says Shaun Sutner, an avid skier, amateur racer, and father of one of the top young racers in New England. This is all to say that Sutner spends a lot of time at his waxing bench.

Prep your skis for their off-season with a good cleaning and coat of wax that will protect the base during spring, summer, and fall.

It's easier than a full tune-up, as edge sharpening is optional this time around.

Here's how.

Set the skis on a flat surface - table or workbench - base up, held firmly in place by clamps of some type.

"Clean them first by doing a hot scrape. Take the softest prep wax you have, melt it in, and immediately scrape it off. Brush it a little bit to get the wax out of the pores, let it sit for an hour, and then put on a liberal waxing of the same wax. That's your storage wax. When it hardens, scrape the wax off the metal edges, because wax contains water which can rust your edges over the summer.

"Wax protects the bases from getting dried out over the summer, and keeps off dust and other junk.

"Then strap the skis together, and get them off the floor. I keep them on a 2x4, or you can put them in a wall rack," Sutner says.

When next season rolls around, scrape off that wax, check the edges and sharpen as necessary, and hit the slopes.

Question: How do you store skis until next winter?