Sad, but true: The time is near when your snowboard will go into storage until next winter.

Prep your board for its off-season with a good cleaning and a coat of wax that will protect the base during spring, summer, and fall.

It's easier than a full tune-up, as edge sharpening is optional this time around.

Here's how.

Set the snowboard on a flat surface - table or workbench - base up, held firmly in place by clamps of some type.

Do a "hot scrape" which involves the softest prep wax you can find. Melt it in, and immediately scrape it off. Brush the base to get the wax out of the pores, let the base cool, then put on a liberal coating of the same soft wax. Let it harden, then scrape the wax off the edges so they don't rust over the summer.

Store the board off the ground.

Question: How do you store a snowboard until next winter?