[R304R, Okemo Mountain Resort] has launched an app to help guests with their getaway planning.

"The app is pretty fun and cool. Winter's up and running now, and we're going to do a summer version soon," Okemo's Bonnie MacPherson said.

The app is available for iPhone and Android.

It has information about Okemo's five distinct mountain areas, and two base areas.

It also covers all of Okemo's dining options and lodging amenities, plus up-to-the-minute conditions reports.

Summer information will include the concert series, summer dining, and other events.

The app also offers a GPS location feature that allows guests to see where they are on the trail map. Okemo's app was built by Invictus Mobile Media.

In addition, the app links directly to the new Okemo Valley Chamber of Commerce app, offering a complete link between the resort and the surrounding community.

"It has everything about Okemo, and everything in the entire Okemo Valley, so it becomes a one-stop shopping tool for your visit," MacPherson said.

Liam Fracht-Monroe, Okemo marketing partnership manager, said, "As more Americans continue to adopt smartphones as a part of their lives, we felt that our mobile website was somewhat limiting in information and functionality. The development of a specific application for smartphones allows Okemo to customize the information that is important to our guests and provide a better overall resort experience."

The "Ski Okemo" app is available at the Android Market or the iTunes App Store for $2.99.

Users can download the app by pointing their phone at a QR code - a square box of squiggly code - that will take the phone to the app store, and downloads the program.

More information. Or call 802-228-1313.