, operated by guide Yan Raulet, organises summer glacier climbing programmes that are accessible to all levels, even beginners.

The site offers mountain-lovers, from beginners to highly experienced climbers, a taste of the Mont Blanc.

The Glacier Climbing Weekend gives participants a chance to improve or develop safety skills. Even climbers who have never scaled a mountain will be able to climb vertical ice pitches, practice crevasse rescue, and cross snow-covered and dry glaciers.

Day one includes a climb on the Mer de Glace glacier, located at 2000 metres in altitude. Day two is dedicated to the Argentière glacier and/or Le Tour glacier, where participants will work over a snow-covered glacier.

The Balconies of the Mer de Glace is a two- to four-day excursion over one of the most impressive glaciers in [R106R, Chamonix]. Day one, climbers move through the Charpoua circus, above the Drus peaks, and sleep in a mountain hut. On the second day, participants climb down les Egralets towards the Mer de Glace, where mountaineers train on the steep walls.

This outing can be extended to three or four days upon request. Participants should be in good physical condition and able to walk uphill for five hours.

Fees are €350 per day. Programmes and itineraries are subject to change depending on weather and mountain conditions.

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