The restaurant La Becca in [R483R, Val d'Isère] has officially joined the ranks of France's Michelin-star establishments. La Becca's young chef, Antony Tempesta, recently earned his first star from the famous culinary guide book.

This recognition comes from years of hard work, self-criticism, and discipline. Through the years, Antony succeeded in developing a veritable culinary identity, rooted in the French Alps. He specialises in local products and strives to sublime regional flavours and no matter the ingredients of the day, every dish has a certain mountain influence. His products come from small-time local producers and everything is delivered fresh daily, from the Lake Geneva char to the Savoie chestnuts.

"You have to be a gourmet to do this job," commented Antony. "Whenever I'm interested in an ingredient, I play around with it to find the best ways to make its flavours come out."

 La Becca will be undergoing a few changes, with the new classification.

"We're planning to do some works in the restaurant, especially on the decoration," the young chef told OnTheSnow. "We're going to make the interior more comfortable and renovate the terrace." For the moment, however, there are no price changes planned.

Fixed price menus are available for €33.90-€95 and include such delights as crozets (local pasta) with ceps accompanied by mushroom cappuccino and black truffle flakes, wild duck with blueberry chutney and beetroot trilogy, and banana brochettes with candied morels and smoked milk ice cream.

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