[R21R, Arizona Snowbowl] marketers like to hook their specials into the days of the week, which are getting longer and longer as spring looms on the horizon.

The latest promotion from the northern Arizona resort comes as Family Fridays. Late-day tickets costs $10 and some terrain stays open until 6 p.m., taking advantage of the longer days ahead. Equipment rentals drop to $10, and the prices of some food items at the Hart Prairie Lodge go down by half.

The Sunset Terrain Park remains open until 6 p.m., so that freestylers and instructors lengthen the hours of Freestyle Fridays.

Arizona Snowbowl also runs Two-fer Tuesdays, Women's Wednesdays, which offers discounted tickets to all females, and Boomer Thursdays, when anyone older than 50 can buy a ticket prices the same as a regular junior's ticket: $26. Baby boomers also get a free clinic at 1 p.m. if they register at the Ski and Ride School desk.

This latest addition to Snowbowl's weekday promotions comes just as the mountain has received its best snowfalls of the season. A season that began with a delayed opening now looks forward to a strong closing month, as storms begin to course farther south as the winter draws on.

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