All you need are suitable winter outdoor attire and snow boots or hiking boots. The area will supply Yaktrax for traction, trekking poles and a daypack. The two hour hike (wike) is jam packed with local lore and information on the winter environment of the Notch. Winter walks depart daily from Teen Alley at 10 am and are designed for adults 18 and over. Smugg's newest snow sliding activity, airboarding, is catching on in a big way. Adults and kids can slide down a designated slope on appropriately sized airboards – inflatable sleds steered by shifting body weight. It's a quick learning curve according to recent participants, and has more maneuverability than simply tubing. Carving turns and running bumps are possible and fun. Meanwhile, Smuggler's was one of the biggest beneficiary's of this past weekend's mixed bag of precipitation as 11 inches of the white stuff was dumped on the mountain.