[R113R, Copper's] littlest visitors now have a place to have fun, too. Critterland is roaring along, in full swing at the base of the tubing hill in the East Village.

David Roth with Copper says the reaction from parents has been overwhelmingly positive. "There is now a place for the real little kiddos out there to call their own in East Village, especially for those that aren't quite big enough to head on up the main Tubing Hill."

Critterland is for kids ages six and under. It features the Bearilla Den Play area, with tunnels, ropes, and other play features, the Critter Crooked House for hiding, and Squeal Hill, which is a mini-tubing area. The big excitement is also the Ducktopus Tubing Carousel, which lets kids take some laps around while soaking in the sun.

The cost is $10 for a full-day ticket for kids six and under, or $15 during Peak Season. It's open 11 a.m.-5 p.m., every day but Wednesdays. Parents must supervise and stay with their kids while in Critterland. A legal guardian must sign a waiver, too. Pick up your tickets at Guest Services inside Copper Station.

Roth says Copper will keep Critterland open until mid-April, at which point there will be tentative weekend openings, depending on conditions, through the remainder of the season. Critterland will stay the way it is for the rest of the season, but expansion in the future is a possibility.

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