Located off the Continental Divide Express, Rogers Terrain Park is one big cake, spanning 12 acres with over 30 features. Baked in two sections, 21 rails and boxes as well as ten jumps sugar the slope with a candy bar shelf of skills and levels. A testament to the design, you can stand at the top and not only see all the jumps in the forefront, but still spot the bottom jump. "Nothing will take you by surprise," says terrain park supervisor Tim Hyndman. "You're not missing anything hidden behind something big." Hyndman's crew of six added new features this past month in the Grizzly section - jumps, a wall ride, three rails, a vertical log jib, plus a beginner area. And, they just built a multi-skill level boardercross course the full length on Wa Wa. Hyndman adds, "There's nothing that high that precludes little Johnny and Dad from going through it." It's a good place to have your cake and eat it, too.