Recent visitors to the resorts in Little and Big Cottonwood canyons may have noticed a cadre of photographers and athletes in the most awkward, and awesome, spots.

Rest assured, they knew what they were doing, and Visit Salt Lake made it worth their while, too. The invitation-only Ski Salt Lake Shootout competition took place on four days at [R10R, Alta], [R404R, Snowbird], [R82R, Brighton] and [R413R, Solitude], pitting seven outdoor photographers and their skiing-riding cohorts against each other.

Washington-based photographer Garrett Grove won the contest and $3,000 for his eight shots of skiing at the four resorts. Salt Lake City photographer Lee Cohen won a new category, Urban Meets Mountain, for his shot of a rock climber rappelling with skis on his back, with the skyline of Salt Lake City in the background.

"I had a lot of fun," said Cohen, who worked with skier Carson Oliver to get the shot. "I knew that my location for the urban shoot was a good one. You could see the city and the skyline. I thought I might be a contender."

The tourism promotion organization has a follow-up contest that gives anyone who goes to its Facebook site a chance to vote for the single best photograph in the contest. The photographer of the winning shot will receive $1,000 and the athlete will get $500. All who vote for the winning shot will be entered into a prize drawing for a three-day getaway.

"Between the amount of snow that fell, the talent of my skiers and snowboarders, and how well they knew Alta, Brighton, Snowbird and Solitude, it was hard to go wrong," Grove said in a statement. "It was all there, all week. I just had to hold up my end of the deal."

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