[R1864R, Saint Lary Soulan] has added a new high-tech element to its snowpark, making it possible for riders to share their exploits with the whole world thanks to a chip-embedded sticker on the rider's helmet.

The concept, called Live Park, comes from a partnership between DC Shoes and A2K, a company specialised in cutting-edge technologies. This will be a first in Europe and lets riders film their performance on the pistes, then download the videos to post in the Internet.

The snowboarder or skier simply applies a chip-embedded sticker on his or her helmet. Two cameras will be set up on the snowpark's modules and each time the rider passes in front of the cameras, they automatically detect the chip stuck to the helmet.

At the end of the day, skiers and snowboarders who were filmed can connect to www.dceurope-livepark.com and enter the code indicated on the helmet sticker. Their own videos appear, and can be downloaded. It is even possible to edit your own videos using music, transitions, and special effects to create a personal ride film. Once created, the finished product can be directly shared with friends via Facebook and Twitter.

This service is free to skiers and snowboarders with a valid lift pass. Stickers are available from the team of shapers in the snowpark.

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