Northeast ski resorts count on three major holiday periods each winter: Christmas-New Year's, Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, and Presidents Week.

All resorts also look to normal weekend traffic, and areas close to the region's urban centers also mix in night skiing and riding as major components of seasonal revenues.

They might be wondering about the impact on their operations -- good or bad -- right about now as news filters out of school districts across that state which have truncated or canceled February school vacations.

The same snowstorms that made conditions across ski country so incredible so far this winter led to school closings, that have put the school districts in a tough spot.

School districts in Cromwell,  Danbury, Easton, East Windsor, Mansfield, Milford, Monroe, New Haven, Sterling, Stonington, West Haven, and Weston-Redding school districts have announced they are cutting or eliminating the Presidents Week vacation. This is far from a complete listing of schools that are making up for lost snow days at the expense of the holiday week.

All are observing Presidents Day Monday, Feb. 21.

This notice from Carol A. Fox, acting superintendent of the East Windsor school district, sums it up:

"As you may know, the East Windsor Board of Education, at its regular meeting of Feb. 3, 2011, voted to cancel February vacation. This is due to the unprecedented number of canceled school days due to inclement weather. In addition, we have had to close school due to the unusual amount of snow on the roofs. The Board voted to allow students whose families have vacation plans established on or before Feb. 3, to continue with those plans and student absences will be treated as excused absences. Families who wish to avail themselves of this opportunity should present evidence of vacation plans to the building principal. Please note that Presidents' Day on Monday, Feb. 21, will be observed and schools and offices will be closed."

Jen Butson of SkiVermont downplayed the impact on Vermont ski areas, which she said report strong Presidents Week bookings.

"What I'm hearing is that the resorts are jamming and bookings are great," Butson said. "I think it's a negligible issue. Things are good here in Vermont, and we're not alone. Things have been incredible in the New England area this winter."

That optimism was countered by reports from some areas of enough cancellations to impact the holiday.

"We got eight last-minute cancellations," said one resort staffer at a Central Vermont resort, "and they were high-end bookings, within the no-refund period, so these people lost their deposit money. They were not happy."

Another ski area staffer in Central New England said Connecticut day visits accounted for about 4 percent of the resort's revenues each season, so any impact might be felt, but would not be devastating.

The impact of a lost February vacation might fall most heavily on local areas in Connecticut, where the four main ski areas - [R239R, Mohawk Mountain], [R256R, Mount Southington], [R386R, Ski Sundown], and [R513R, Woodbury] - got a relatively late start on the winter, and may have lost some business due to too much snow, if one can imagine such a state of affairs.