Remember your first visit to a ski area?

It was certainly baffling, and probably a little bit scary - or maybe even a lot scary.

Everything was new, and unfamiliar.

The base lodge was filled with confusing bustle, the equipment was unfamiliar, everyone else knew what they were doing - or seemed to.

[R488R, Wachusett Mountain Ski Area] in Princeton has produced two videos - courtesy of talented videographer Randy Barry - that take viewers through that first trip to the resort, step-by-step.

One is for skiers, the other for snowboarders.

A lot of thought went into these productions, which break down the visit into every little part.

Both begin with two people getting dressed for the cold at their home. It shows them arriving at the ski area; buying a package of lift tickets, rental gear, and lessons; going through the rental process; getting into boots; putting belongings into a locker; heading to the ski school desk; picking up skis or boards; getting into them; clumping over to the lesson area; riding up the carpet lift at Ollie's; taking the lesson; getting out of the rental gear, and returning it.

The purpose of the videos is to take away the mystery of that first visit.

More information. Or call 978-464-2300.

Check them out.