Older people sometimes talk about how the youngsters of today have it made.

No walking miles to school through the snow, no chopping wood, milking cows, delivering the paper before dawn every day.

Too much of life seems -- to the older folks -- to be video games, cadging rides from mom, and avoiding the great outdoors, especially on cold days.

Well, here's a glimpse of three 11-year-old boys who aren't following that pattern.

They spent much of a recent Sunday shoveling up jumps on a snow-covered woods road near their homes in Central Massachusetts, and the rest of the day going off those jumps.

Their parents were impressed, and delighted, that the boys put down their video game controllers, wrestled themselves into snow gear, grabbed the snow shovels and snowboards, and headed out.

Ben, Robbie, and Max boot-packed a snowboard run, and built two jumps out of snow, then did tricks on their homemade terrain park until it got dark, and one of the mothers came to get them.

Watching them work, then play, elicited memories of long-gone boyhood, when play involved more effort than it usually does nowadays.

These three lads earned each downhill run with a hike back uphill, along perhaps 100 yards of distance, carrying their snowboards, or hitching them uphill with one foot buckled in and the other not.

It was pleasing to see, in a world where life often seems too easy. A piece of good news for curmudgeons who grump about the younger generation: One suspects these three boys are far from alone in their willingness to put effort into something they love to do. Maybe the kids are all right.

Check out this video of the homemade terrain park.