The SkiBistro restaurant at the [R1965R, Ruka] ski resort in Finland was burnt to the ground by a fire last weekend.

SkiBistro was Finland's oldest on-piste restaurant. The three-storey timber-framed building was burnt down to its foundations. Fortunately the restaurant was closed when the fire broke out so no one was injured.

The cause of the fire is so far unknown, but Fire Chief Kimmo Määttä told the Helsingin Sanomat publication that it looked as if the fire started from the restaurant's liquor storage. He added that there was also a lot of electrical equipment at the northern end of the building, where the fire is believed to have broken out.

Managing Director, Matti Parviainen, said he expects the damage caused to total around €3-4 million.

This was the closest restaurant to the slopes in Ruka and the fire came at the worst possible time - right in the middle of the winter season with the school holidays about to start.

The SkiBistro was very popular with its large outdoor sun terrace and an indoor seating capacity for 600 diners. Although this restaurant was one of the most popular, Ruka does have 10 more restaurants so skiers won't go hungry.

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