The highest wind farm in Europe has been built on the "Gütsch" (2332m) near [R616R, Andermatt], Switzerland.

Last October, two kW wind turbines E-44/900 were constructed alongside an E-40/600 kW which was installed back in 2004.

The wind farm is owned by Elektrizitätswerk Useren (EWU).  EWU uses part of the annual yield of 3.25 mio. kWh for its own purposes and part of the "naturemade star" certified energy is sold to other Swiss utilities.

All tubines are able to withstand the harsh winter climate. They have a rotor blade heating system which turns on by means of a sensor when icing has built up on the blades, this allows 60 percent of the energy yield in the winter months.

The project was carried out by ENERCON and Swiss electricity works Ursern. There were a few challenges to overcome during the construction phase, like how they would access the 2332-metre platform. In the end, they had to transport the wind turbines through the Gotthard Tunnel and double back via the Gotthard Pass to Andermatt. From here a narrow road leads up to the site.

Work on the site was also interupted due to unexpected snowfall in August. The snow made transporting the components and construction materials too dangerous. Despite these challenges, the two new wind turbines were installed on schedule in October.

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