BEARPAW boots bring out the best in comfort and fashion for après-ski footwear. "Live Life Comfortably" is the model they follow. Their extensive line appeals to all ages and style tastes. The kids' model offerings have tripled in the last year alone. And for post après ski, slip into a pear of foot-spoiling BEARPAW slippers.

"We're a broad-scale company, so we appeal to everyone," explains BEARPAW's Jim Mavor.

Ladies' models vary from different kinds of leathers, designs and accessories. New for 2011 include "buckles and bling," Mavor says. Animal prints, metallic, knit, Native-American inspired, laced, and fur describe just a few of what women have to choose from. Collections include Classic, Viper, Tahoe, Boutique, and Campus. All include fashionable style with functional soles.

This seasons' youth line is skate inspired. Comfortable and ‘cool' like a skate shoe, yet warm and functional like a BEARPAW. Kid's shoes, boots, and slippers are available from infant to youth and produced in about every color imaginable. Classic, Casual and Slipper collections are available.

Men are not left out. Campus, Classic and Slipper collections feature BEARPAW'S finest in leather, suede, sheepskin and wool liners and footbeds finished with long-lasting outsoles.

"Wearing BEARPAW is a lifestyle," concludes Mavor. "We're a lightweight cushion comfort company."

Check the website for what's new, and where you can snag your own BEARPAW bliss.