Anyone seeking the thrilling days of yesteryear on the slopes of the Northeast should look no farther than Ski Venture in Scotia, N.Y.

That's the advice of Jeremy Davis, longtime contributor of OnTheSnow and founder of NELSAP, the New England Lost Ski Areas Project.

Davis had a chance to hit the (admittedly modest) slopes at Ski Venture, outside Schenectady, N.Y., the other day.

"It's all natural snow, so this year is their year," Davis said. "It's like the most affordable skiing around. It's $60 for a whole family season pass. A sustaining membership is $100."

Ski Venture has been around since 1937, has 110 feet of vertical, two rope tows - a beginner tow and the main tow which gets you to the top in 25 seconds.

The record for runs is held by the son of Club President Frank Winter, who made 30 runs in 20 minutes.

The hill offers glade skiing, open slopes, a power line trail that is like a slalom run, a beginner area, and a lodge.

"It's really, really neat," Davis said. "What a great place. It's full of families, everyone having a great time, a barbecue going, that kind of price, it's amazing.

"People say, ‘We can't ski anymore, it's  too expensive' but this place is the answer to that.

"It's club operated, no paid lift attendants or maintenance staff. Once you become a Hillmaster you can open the lifts anytime you want, as long as there's one other person to help," Davis said.

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