What began as a way to film other surfers in attempt to nab sponsorships has flourished into the world's best selling wearable camera for sports.GoPro cameras have your point-of-view, live-action footage covered, from skiing, surfing, and biking, to skydiving, scuba diving, and rally-car racing,

GoPro founder Nicholas Woodman ended up cutting the leash off his surfboard, rigging it to a waterproof disposable camera, and strapping it onto his wrist, GoPro Director Rick Loughery told OnTheSnow at the Snow Show. Boom, the first GoPro, was born. Started only eight years ago, the company is on the eve of launching a wearable 3D camera.

Just last year GoPro introduced their HD HERO camera. The HD HERO offers 170- and 127-degree wide-angle shooting from one lens paired with HD sound. Attach the camera to your ski helmet, motorsports bike or rally car, and surfboard. Depending on the package, accessories include the camera, 2.5-hour battery, waterproof housing, necessary cables, and desired sports mounts.

The 3D HERO System captures vivid 3D video and photos by combining two 1080p HD HERO cameras. Also due is the HERO Bus system. This includes the LCD BacPac and the Battery BacPac. Each attach to the back of your camera giving you a screen to view while filming or enjoy playback capabilities. The Battery BacPac doubles your recording time for up to five hours of shooting.

More accessories are available for all your extreme-sports needs. All video is recorded on an SD card for easy uploading capabilities. Have a video you want to share? Upload it onto the website, and it just may make the cut for a new commercial. Ninety percent of videos in current GoPro advertisements are user submitted.

Go out, get a GoPro, start shooting, and be a "Hero."