Goode, manufactured in Ogden, Utah, stands alone as the only pure carbon-fiber ski on the market. Carbon fiber measures nearly six times stronger than fiberglass, and 40 percent lighter.

Goode brings seven different shapes of men's and women's Alpine and Backcountry skis to the 2011/12 season. The various alpine shapes are built of wood core, while the backcountry Hellraiser core consists of composite braided with Kevlar, then wrapped with carbon. All Goode skis bring carbon to the top sheet of the ski, working with an acrylic laser print to create the graphic.

Ski models are differentiated by waist dimensions and are available in a handful of widths for men's and women's alpine skis, and men's and women's backcountry skis.

Alpine Touring adventurists can capitalize on an incredibly light ski with a thinner profile, yet still torsionally as stiff as any ski gets.

"This ski will have many times the life of a traditional fiberglass ski," explains Peter Hitchcock, Goode Sales Coordinator. "You can't make an airplane out of fiberglass because it breaks down. Carbon stays molded forever."

Can you imagine buying a ski that will keep its liveliness and true build forever? Either can we. Think of it as a one-time purchase that will pay for itself until you can't click in any longer.