Skier Alex Schlopy became the second Winter X Games big air rookie to take home gold at [R25R, Aspen] over the weekend. With huge airs, precise tricks, and stomped landings, Schlopy took home his first gold medal in Ski Big Air. Last year's gold medalist Bobby Brown won silver, while Sammy Carlson, who picked up gold hours earlier on the slopestyle course, took bronze.

Schlopy's switch double cork 1260s, switch double wobble, and huge cork 1260s looked smooth as butter. But his double cork 1620 was the money trick-it even made ESPN Sports Center.

Sammy Carlson had won four X Games medals before the Big Air, but not a single gold. He finally topped the podium after winning men's Ski Slopsetyle finals. Russ Henshaw took his first X Games medal, a silver, while Andreas Håtveit was ecstatic about his bronze.  

Kelsey Serwa celebrated the first gold medal of her career in Women's Ski X Finals, after one of the most spectacular crashes in recent memory. Multiple gold-medal winner, Ophelie David, won silver.

John Teller drafted defending Skier X champion Chris Del Bosco late in Sunday's men's final and finally passed to win a gold medal by half a ski length. No skier X male has ever repeated as champion for the 14th year out of the 15 year X Games history.

Newcomer Enni Rukajarvi edged out two-time Slope gold medalist Jenny Jones to win Women's Snowboard Slopestyle.

Kelly Clark not only took home her first Winter X SuperPipe gold medal since 2006, she became the first woman to land a 1080 in competition.

The Snowboard Street contest was won by Nic Sauve and the judge's pick was Dan Brisse.

Nate Holland's winning streak in Snowboard X came to an end when Nick Baumgartner won his first medal in seven tries, all with 15 screws and a plate in his neck.

Men's Superpipe Finals saw Shaun White throw the first double McTwist 1260 since his victory lap in the Olympics. The run earned him a 97.33, the same score of his victory run last year, and tied for the highest score in Winter X Games history.