True to the origin of the name,Arbor features certified sustainable wood all the way through their boards from the core to the top-sheet graphic. Wood types include natural bamboo and Eldorado. Arbor's snowboards are built on three basic systems: The Jib System, Park System, and Mountain System.

The Jib caters to the park loyalists and their desires; the Park vows to the jump stompers; and the Mountain System adheres to the freeride enthusiasts.

Arbor snowboards bring their first women's all-mountain rocker board to the 2011/12 line-up. The Swoon features a true rocker construction with progressive side cut to meet the demand of a female shredder looking for a board she can have fun on with any group in any condition. Mountain System boards feature a true-twin construction with an additional inch added to the tip for increased lift in powder.

For the park ladies, Arbor's Cadence women's-specific board happens to be Arbor's top seller in snowboards. This rocker board is designed specifically for the women who take their park skills to the rest of the mountain. The Cadence supports spins, jumps, rails, and cruising built upon the Arbor Park System.

"Our Cadence was the first board to sell out overall," says Arbor's Matt Patti. Patti, Arbor's product developer, knows just want his riders want. "My girlfriend has never liked a board as well as these," he says.