Hestra gloves started 75 years ago in Sweden with basic work gloves. Those gloves are back and being introduced in the United States, with the Hestra Job line for 2011/12. It is an industrial work glove that is proving to be a huge hit on the slopes, especially with ski patrol, lifties, mountain ops workers, and snowcat drivers. Before, workers would buy regular work gloves at the local hardware store.

Bright colors are hot this year with Hestra, and soon to be marketed in the U.S., and not just Europe. New colors are turquoise, pink, and purple. The Hestra rep told OnTheSnow, "Let's go deep in color and give the consumer what they want."

Kids are taken care of with the L-Bow gloves. Moms love them. The gloves are for toddlers up to about age 12. The long sleeve part pulls up to the elbow and keeps little fingers warm and dry. New this year is the super soft toddler mitten, with easy entry for little ones. Diane Deering had four kids in four and a half years. She designed the L-Bow gloves and started the family business in Minnesota 20 years ago. Happy kids means happy parents on the slopes.