Socks always cause a stir at the Snow Show, as they are bright and fun, and for all sports and activities.The big gun is SmartWool, whose Ultralight ski sock is no longer unisex. The women's version fits better to the smaller female foot and is colorful with fun patterns. The men's Park Art Collection is designed by pro snowboarder Jeff McCormack. These designs are called "Ready, Aim, Don't Shoot," and "Play Plus Record." Each has mesh venting zones and no cushion. SmartWool's Molly Cuffe says, "It's as thin as it gets."

SmartWool's line has expanded and includes base layers, coats, sweaters, hats, scarves, long underwear, and more. SmartWool continues to move into the apparel world with attention to detail. Cuffe says the base layers for 2012 are customized to how your body runs, whether hot or cold.

"The clothes depend on what activity you're doing, and what the weather is, and takes a systematic approach to dressing." The first base layer is designed to fit with the second base layer, taking a systematic approach to dressing. "Zippers are in different places so they don't layer on top of each other," adds Cuffe.

Point6 socks are the new kid on the block, in one of the smaller booths at the Snow Show. But they're turning heads. Point6 was started by Peter and Patty Duke, who originally founded SmartWool. Both companies are based in [R425R, Steamboat].

The non-compete clause is up. "It took awhile, but we wanted to make sure it is a better product. We're winning the hearts of people over," said Point6 Marketing Director Betsy Seabert, who used to be a SmartWool employee.

New for the fall is the Ski & Snowboard collection from Point6 as well as the kids' line. Point6 uses 100 percent Merino Wool compact spun yarns. Point6's Theresa Blake told OnTheSnow, "It avoids pilling, it's stronger, more durable, and softer with a smoother finish." Point6 only sells socks right now, but they will be looking to expand.