Glitter and glam were center stage at the Snow Show with shimmering shining apparel on display for 2011/12. It was prevalent in the Obermeyer line for fall 2011. Obermeyer has been a stalwart in the snow sports industry since 1947, started by Klaus Obermeyer in [R25R, Aspen].

Obermeyer personally greeted buyers and vendors at his company's exhibit, posing for pictures and performing his well-known yodel.

Obermeyer's Fashion Forward collection, called Minx, features the fabric Snow Satin, among others. Metallic Anthracite is also big, which provides an even more metallic sheen. Obermeyer's Kelsey Comstock says, "The brushed metallic finish is a nice texture and picks up the light."

She adds that Obermeyer is all about the fit. The cut and the line make the clothes flattering. "No one wants to look like a stuffed sausage on the slope."

It's also about the technology. New high-end coats from Obermeyer have been introduced, using Cocona technology made of natural fibers, with a vertical striation. Cocona has a 10k/35k waterproof/breathable rating. 

Patagonia is another clothing company that looks to protect you in all of the elements. The company this year has updated more than 60 percent of its technical line. Patagonia's new product is the Primo jacket. It's a shell for men and women made exclusively of 100 percent recycled nylon from Goretex. This high-end shell retails for $499.

Patagonia prides itself on being green. Their Common Threads program says to reduce what you buy, repair what you have, recycle your garments, or re-use, as was on display at the show.

Skiers and riders should send their old Patagonia clothes to the company when done with them and they will repair it, donate it to a needy environmental group, or get it to a second-hand store. They also will downcycle the clothes, which is a way of recycling a product and turning it into a new product that is of equal or lesser value. Examples are car door insulation, shower curtains, or filler for dog beds.