Coming up with something new that actually works and is functional is always the challenge in the world of skiing and snowboarding accessories. What will get the customer's attention?

A new neck gaitor makes it look like ZZ Top is on the slopes. Or is it Chewbacca from Star Wars? Either way, these face protectors are called BeardSkis, designed by a gentleman in Texas at a poker game. Maybe he didn't want to show his poker face. The ad slogan is "Git Yer Beard On."

Phil Seibert sells the Beardski. "People are buying them as a novelty gift and then they find out that they are warm and functional." The Beardski comes in all types of fake furs and colors, perfect to match any snow suit.

Faux (fake) fur is the trend on lots of ski clothing, especially around the hoodies of coats. Adrianne Luban of Omeez took it a step further with boot toppers, sleeve or glove toppers, and goggle straps. It blings a girl's getup and there is no stigma to wearing it since it is actually fake fur.

"Faux fur is going nuts right now. I'm in the right place at the right time," Luban told OnTheSnow. Her company started in California, but she sees the need for fur at ski resorts. She says the theme of her company is, "Let your imagination and creativity run wild.