The freeride ski market continues to grow, marketing to park and pipe, big mountain, and all terrain. Armada's JJ Rocker is expanding to new versions. A Rocker is where the tip of the ski rises earlier, or closer to your boot.

"The rocker helps the ski plane early and makes it very good for powder skiing," Armada President Hans Smith told OnTheSnow.

Their Rocker version is expanding to combine hybrid forms of different types with the addition of different amounts of camber and side cut. There also will be alternative forms.

"The tip and tail rocker isn't good for every type of condition," says Smith.

Armada is also getting more girly, introducing two new women's Rocker skis: the VJJ and the TSTW, named after the late skier Travis Steeger. Jackie Myers designed it all for Armada, which also announced a new line of women's technical outerwear to go with their popular men's clothing line. Armada apparel features a lot of bright blocks of color.

SkiLogik created a stir at the Snow Show. The booth was regularly packed because the skis are so different and everyone wanted to get a closer look. Mariella Scaperrotta from Italy is the designer.

Each ski is made using wood veneers with natural colors. SkiLogik offers twin tips, backcountry jibbers, and all-mountain riders. Snowboards may be in the future for the company. SkiLogik is based in [R77R, Breckenridge], Colo. The skis are made on Hainan Island in the South China Sea. Each pair retails for $750 to $850.