Professional skier and Leki athlete Caroline Gleich knows what she wants in a ski pole. That's why she's was so proud to announce the birth of the Crystal at the Snow Show. It's the first backcountry pole geared towards powder goddesses only.

The Crystal features everything a standard Leki pole includes, but with added glam factor that make them a must-have for women in the backcountry. The Aergon grip appears to be cork, but is made of foam staying true to the lightness, yet durable for the use and abuse. A neoprene strap and edgeless outer shape offers the wrist the most comfortable, yet secure, hold.

 "I just love getting to sport top-quality equipment that's designed for girls like me who enjoy being feminine out there," Gleich says.

Ascend with a custom pole height then adjust them in a flash with Leki's Worldwide Speed Lock designed for optimal efficiency and safety. Leki's lightweight aluminum construction makes for a quick swing weight to get that pole back out in front for your next plant into the powder. The refined basket looks sleek yet stays functional.

Gleich also adds the Rodeovario to her ski-pole quiver. The same aluminum construction and Speed Lock pairs with the Trigger pole-strap release system and a beefier grip for the most aggressive of pole planters. Graphics take it back to the days of one-piece suits, headbands, and fanny packs by reintroducing the neon yellow and orange dayglo. The Rodeovario comes with two pair of baskets that are easily interchangeable.

"It's all about the graphics for me," Gleich says laughing off the comment.

When you ski like she does, you can get away with any equipment you want.