Gadgets and gizmos are everywhere as technology advances exponentially. The ski industry is keeping up with and often ahead of the pack, applying new technology. The Snow Industries America Snow Show in Denver features plenty of those technological trends. Two stand out.

The simplest and easiest is a glove liner made by Chaos Thermal Regulation. The innovative difference is that at the end of the index finger and thumb is silver mesh material that interacts with your IPhone or Smartphone. Beth Cochran from Chaos says, "When you take off your outside glove, you can still use your inside glove and stay warm, when using your phone."

Recon goggles were introduced last year, but they will get even better for 2012. Recon is the world's first GPS goggle with a head mount display. It is on a micro LCD screen inside the lower right portion of the goggle, just under your eye. This tiny screen can show your speed, altitude, distance traveled, vertical skied, time, and temperature. It's also a stop watch so you can time the kids when they are in a race on the hill. The goggles sold out last fall.

The newest generation of Recon goggles will have a Bluetooth connection to a video camera or your smartphone. You can see who is calling or texting you, and even your playlist on the mini screen inside the goggle. The technology is based on the Android operating system which can be downloaded onto the goggle.

Recon's Oliver Springgay told OnTheSnow, "It has a USB port so you can go home, connect it to your PC or Mac, and then download all of the runs you skied that day. There is no limit as to what application can be uploaded onto the goggle."

The goggle with the basic technology retails from $400 to $500, depending on the lens. The new technology available this fall is sold separately for $299. Recon is in partnership with Zeal Optics, and now joining with UVEX, Briko, and Alpina.