Boyne's corporate headquarters are located in Northern Michigan, where the family-owned company operates three resorts - [R73R, Boyne Mountain], [R72R, Boyne Highlands], and Bay Harbor (a golf resort) - in a beautiful landscape of forests, rolling glaciated hills, and the Great Lakes.

Its corporate arm extends to other beautiful outdoor environments operating resorts in Maine, New Hampshire, Montana, Utah, Washington, and British Columbia.  The company recognizes the environment is one of its greatest assets.  It's all about location, but it's also about protecting those locations and the environment, according to Stephen Kircher, president of Boyne's eastern operations.

Boyne, one of Cool Earth's leading partners, is helping offset carbon footprints through its policy of reducing greenhouse gas emissions across all resort locations in North America.

"For every ton of CO2 generated by a Boyne Resorts lodge, lift and vehicle, two tons of equivalent emissions are prevented by investment in rainforest protection," Kircher told OnTheSnow. "We hope this step ignites others in the resort industry to do the same thing. This commitment is far more effective and the return far outweighs and outlasts initiatives such as wind credit purchases in our cooperative effort to help solve problems with carbon emission.

"Every acre of mature rainforest that Boyne Resorts secures keeps 260 tons of carbon dioxide where it belongs," he explained.

Boyne Resort's contribution is protecting countless mature trees, saplings, endangered species of mammal, types of plants, and species of insect and worm.  Its partner support of Cool Earth also includes purchase of classroom supplies solar powered internet service, and making sure the people impacted are properly compensated for protecting a unique and irreplaceable ecosystem.

"Overall, the project that our corporation supports will protect almost eight million tons of CO2, which is equivalent to the annual carbon emissions of a city the size of Cincinnati," Kircher added.

All of Boyne's Michigan resorts are Green Lodging Michigan certified.

Cool Earth works with local communities to help ensure they earn a better income from protecting living trees rather than cleared land.

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