The lift tickets are gone at the base entry lifts on the slopes of [R25R, Aspen, Snowmass], Buttermilk, and Aspen Highlands. Now guests have a plastic card with a chip inside that detects when you move through the lift line. The four Aspen-owned resorts have been fine tuning the RF (radio frequency) system, "And we have very few issues," according to Jeff Hanle with the resort. One issue is that your pass can't be in the same pocket with a cell phone.

Hanle says one to four lift attendants are at the gates, depending on the load factor and time of day. "One or two people are monitoring the display screen and another one or two can help at the gates themselves. We are able to fix any issues at the monitors on site, rather than send people back inside to the ticket office." He says the monitors help attendants see the picture on the pass, name, and age. "Any obvious fraudulent use could be seen here. It seems that since people know we are monitoring, and we have upped the fine for fraudulent use, we are seeing less."

The fine is up to $500 to get the pass returned to the real owner, and each circumstance is different, which also varies the fine. The police can also be called in on a case-by-case basis.

The lift attendants are there more to greet the guests, answer questions, and expedite the process according to Hanle. They can help deal with anything that might come up.

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