[R169R, Heavenly Mountain Resort] has added a new terrain park into their cards this year. The Ante Up Terrain Park adds a full lift-length of nonstop features with several built from recycled materials.

Ante Up is about attitude. But backing up that 'tude with concrete skills and style. "The park name pretty much says, 'Shut up and put your money where your mouth is,'" Mike Thomas, terrain park manager, told OnTheSnow.

The new Ante Up Terrain Park lays out its hand directly beneath the Tamarack Express lift where visitors sitting in the new Tamarack Lodge can see riders hitting jumps and big features. It is also right on the border of California and Nevada, for those who want to add a little off run betting.

The park fills the run under the lift top-to-bottom with features-rails, boxes, jibs, and 30- to 46-foot jumps. "It's one of our bigger parks, and it's good for quick lapping," added Thomas. "In a lot of other parks, you have to break up your run, but here you're able to hit 10-11 features in one run.

"Riders are liking the consistent flow and clean lines, just one after another after another," he said. " You can get a lot of riding in that way." The crew will switch up the park throughout the season to keep features fresh.

Several unique features in the park come from recycled materials, including a big tractor tire five feet tall and two feet thick. "Lots of things come from mountain trash," said Thomas, who is particularly fond of recycling old boxes or rails into new creations instead of chucking them in the garbage. The new Money Bank feature is a hybrid of a rail, box, and wall ride.

The crew usually builds 10 new features each summer, but this year, they built 18--thanks to recycling steel from old fans, water piping from buildings, and trees logged off one of the runs. "It helps with the budget and spreading our dollar further," Thomas said.

Those who aren't ready for Ante Up can head to one of the smaller parks. The Groove is the place to start out with three lines of graduated features to aid in learning.

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