[R603R, Serre Chevalier] has jumped on the foodie wagon and is inviting skiers to partake in its delicious tradition "le bien manger."

Visitors will fill their stomachs and their desire for authentic, fresh dishes at one of the resort's 100 restaurants, which are proud to highlight local cuisine with three themed meals.

Restaurants like le Bercail and le Chazal have a soft spot for very natural cooking that stars local staples like trout and mountain vegetables. The restaurant Eau Petit Pont's house speciality is trout terrine, which can be sampled at a table overlooking the Guisane river.

For something a little more upscale, young chefs of the Serre Che valley are happy to serve gastronomic dishes. The Bivouac refuge at the Villeneuve ski area, le Lapon restaurant at Chantemerle both offer fine dining with dishes like pan-seared prawns and ginger confit. For an epicurean treat, the Auberge du Choucas at Monêtier les Bains offers a fixed-price menu made of 10 surprise dishes that show off the chef's talent and impromptu inspiration.

Finally, there are the creative dishes, served at restaurants like Le Triptyque at Chantemerle and La Maison Alliey at Monêtier. The first offers unexpected fare like duck sushi and bison hamburger while the latter plays with the menu, giving each day a different theme. For example, Monday is pig day, with a host of pork dishes and Tuesday's diners head to the ocean with a selection of seafood dishes.

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