[R18R, Appalachian Ski Mtn] in Blowing Rock, N.C., has dropped its season membership prices by 20 percent.

General Manager Brad Moretz said the move is intended to keep people interested in skiing and riding as the season progresses.

"Studies show that the more you ski, the more you ski," Moretz told OnTheSnow.

"It helps to have ongoing affordability during the season for people who are excited about going skiing. If you have a price structure with such tremendous early season discounts that it almost prevents people getting into the sport during the season, that's not in our best interests, so we are trying to keep prices affordable during the season as well," Moretz said.

"We see people, whole families, buying memberships (Appalachian's term for season passes) throughout the season. I think it has a lot to do with people who don't get to come out until later in the winter, and who then get excited and want to come more.

"If a ski area has it structured to it's almost punitive to buy a pass after the fall, that doesn't encourage people to get into the sport later on. Keeping it affordable during the year helps get people into the sport," Moretz said.

If you think this is a good deal, listen to this: Anyone who buys next year's season membership on Presidents' Day Sunday gets to ski or snowboard for the rest of this season, free.

More information. Or call 828-295-7828.